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ARTURO ARTOM: The Culture of Error

An engineer and the founder and president of the Forum della Meritocrazie, he was born in Turin 45 years ago.
He is considered one of the Italian entrepreneurs who have done most for making innovation their reference point; today he is involved in the integration of the traditional sectors of products made in Italy, and of technological innovation.
In 1993 he founded and headed Telsystem, the first firm in Italy to offer a telephone service in competition with SIP. In the following years he became vice-president of Omnitel and, later on, the managing director of Viaset, a leading business in the field of satellite localization.
In 2000 he founded Netsystem SpA which, in just two years, became the European leader of ADSL via satellite.
At the end of 2004 he created Artom Innovazione, a fund set up to stimulate investment in business initiatives and which unites products made in Italy to technology.
In October 2006 Artom Innovazione set up in San Francisco YourTrumanShow.Inc., the first European society in the Web 2.0 sector to be actually sited in Silicon Valley.
The latest business is Artom Productions, a firm for the production of documentaries about Italian centres of excellence aimed at an international market.
He is senior advisor of Accenture, and is a member of the Assolombardia presidential committee.